Automotive Replacement Parts Distributor in MALAYSIA
AAPG Careers

Every employees in AAPG are all equally respect from the top of management till the bottom of labour staff. We are just being assigned to each department depending on individual skill, capability and job responsibility by designation. We are very much emphasizing on TEAM WORK performance but not individually result. Every body are playing a very important role of job regardless of position in organization; because “if you miss one single part from the vehicle and may caused the vehicle fail to move”. The board of management are always concern about every members and always welcome and prepare to listen and support if they have any work suggestion and problem; even personal issues. AAPG also pay attention to improve the working environment and SAFTY and provide un-limited opportunity to any personal who willing to learn and moving forward for promotion.

AAPG Employment Benefits
  • EPF & SOCSO Contribution
  • 14 Days Annual Leaves
  • Guaranteed 2 Months Bonus
  • Yearly Company Trip
  • Birthday Celebration & Cash
  • Service Awards
  • Annual Dinner
  • Special Allowance & OT
  • Internal Training
  • Learning Opportunity
  • Medication Allowance
Employee Basic Requirement
  • Non-Graduate / Fresh Graduate
  • Spoken / Written Language:
    • Chinese
    • English
  • AAPG Employment Expectation
  • Initiative & Independency
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Team Spirit
  • Helpful
2010 Group Photo

We always do welcome who willing to join our team on board while any new or free vacancies available regardless of individual education levels; because we do believed that personal positive attitude and team work worth more than a paper. Everyone deserved a chance or second chance to prove his / her capable when he / she prepare and serious to be a better life than others but not because of their financial difficulties not supporting during their education period. We hoping that all members of AAPG can share every of our happy and success; also ready to support us on our sorrow when we need. AAPG will recording down all the moments and memorise in the history book of AAPG. We thank you and appreciated to our retired employees and wish all the best who leaved us for their better job offered.

5 Years Service Award
  • Ms. Kitty Teh P.C. (Purchasing Manager)
  • Ms. Polly Teh P.C. (Logistic Manager)
  • Mr. Simon Chew K.Y. (Business Manager)
  • Mr. Jin Loh C.C. (Business Executive)
  • Ms. Cindy Soon S.Y. (Senior Account Executive)
  • Ms. Jennis Leow B.L. (Senior Account Executive)
  • Ms. Chong S.T. (Operation Executive)
  • Ms. Soon Y.L. (Operation Clerk)
10 Years Service Award
  • Mr. Tommy Loh C.M. (General Manager)
  • Mr. Ken Loh C.K. (Senior Business Manager)
  • Mr. Alvin Teh C.T. (Senior Operation Manager)
  • Ms. Angie Ng F.Y. (Account Manager)
  • Mr. Mark A.N. (Senior Despatcher)
  • Mr. Tan K.H. (Senior Despatcher)

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