Automotive Replacement Parts Distributor in MALAYSIA
AAPG Company History

Prior to the incorporation of Armada Auto Parts Group in year 2006, we have initially operated several small family business companies since 1998. Each individual companies serve different automotive sectors and services in Malaysia automotive industry as an importer, distributor, sourcing agents and authorized agencies raging from motorcycle parts, passenger vehicle parts, commercial vehicle parts and heavy duty vehicle parts.

In the very early days of our business involvement into Malaysia automotive industry as a late comer into an industry with so many well and long established auto parts companies coupled with majority famous international brands of auto parts distributorship awarded and represented in Malaysia, we gradually build, progress and move forward in this auto industry. With strong commitment, hard work, dedication and fearless leadership, we had successfully made in road with quality popular auto parts brands manufactured from Taiwan and China as beginning. In addition, we have also developed a very good, strong and lasting business relationship with our customers to enable us to achieve our dream to become the main auto parts importer and distributor in Malaysia.

In 2006, we have re-organized and re-structured all the companies by integrating all the accumulated strong foundation, assets, employees and achievement into one company under Armada Cekap Sdn. Bhd. With the restructuring under the new business entity coupled with advance business model involving systematic business policies and computerised process, Armada Cekap Sdn. Bhd. has continued to increase our productivity and improve the efficiency level.

In year 2006 as well, we have established an associated company AMICI, with the objectives and goals to source, represent and distribute any potential international auto parts branding in Malaysia by obtaining and securing the Malaysia distribution rights, and promote and sell via its own independent management and sales team.

With our great team and their infinite contribution, Armada Cekap Sdn. Bhd. has been strongly and healthy growth and expended again where ARMADA AUTO PARTS GROUP (AAPG) being formed in the year 2010.

AAPG logo was designed and created by Mr. Mike Y.H. Teh. The word of “ARMADA” referring to international encyclopedia means “The Spanish and Portuguese word for naval fleet in 14th century, or an adjective meaning ‘armed’; is the Czech and Slovak word for armed forces of military”. The objective using this word is to mean that we are moving toward as the strong “naval fleet” for auto parts in this century. The six boxes representing the common parts for CVJ, absorber, clutch cover, steering rack, control arm and coil spring that we initially invest on automotive parts industry.

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