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Every successful story are achieved by a strong principle of philosophy in the history and those original principle of philosophy were being translated or interpreted by many outstanding authors today into new books for better understanding. However the principle of the original philosophy will never being changed. It is always easy to know but difficult to implement because a great successful achievement is only can be completed by a team of members who believing and sharing together with trust.

One of the most success man ever in the history Mr. Dale Carnegie who written the book name of "How to Win Friend and Influence People". This book has been very popular published ever and being most recognized. The main contents of this book:
Today many education institution centres such as university and training organization has being developed his book into famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills. Knowing more please visit

Today Mr. Kenichi Ohmae is a Japanese organization theorist and management consultant. He has also written many remarkable books related to latest business strategic and true facts. He has the following strong statement:
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AAPG was begin and build by a very young team since 2010 with a strong faith of team work. Even we have not created any clearly success philosophy of our own; but for us to go forward to every success or achievement in the future and we could find all the philosophy that we required from the above two great men from the past and current. Personally and strongly recommended this book to all who wish to be a better man in his / her career regardless of any position you responsible in any organization. We will always keep our best and continue in self-improvement to achieve our success in the future and share our success together with any parties who committed and contributed along.
From Mr. Mike Teh Y.H. (Executive Director)

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