Automotive Replacement Parts Distributor in MALAYSIA
AAPG Organizational Chart

With the strongly and healthy growth and expended for AAPG by the good faith and team work; the management was structured the man resources into departments and supervised by managers with their best capability and skill in the correct position. Each department members perform and contribute to support each other to ensure the entire business process run smoothly for the best of company benefit.
Sales Department The income generator who create the company revenue; planning for promotion and marketing works; maintain customer relationship management; research and development of new potential products.
Finance Department The cash and bank control master who monitor and schedule payment and collection; orders billing and statement; payroll and tax audit.
Purchasing Department The goods stock controller who ensure our stock level and product QC with supply chain management; and all logistic arrangement.
Operation Department The operation team for goods loading and deliveries; and inventory management system.

The Operation Department perform the most hard work and biggest team in AAPG comparing to other department. They work longest hours in the company day and night for goods un-loading; deliveries and store arrangement. We are very glad and thankful to the team for their good job!

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