Automotive Replacement Parts Distributor in MALAYSIA
AAPG Vision & Mission

The board of AAPG management has planned the long visions and missions as follow:
  1. One of the most recognized leader of distributor for Malaysia automotive replacement parts for aftermarket.
  2. The best and reliable business partner or agent between manufacturers and wholesalers.
  3. The most comprehensive of automotive replacement parts stock keep in local market.
  4. Coverage of most high demand automotive replacement parts applied to passenger, commercial and heavy vehicles.
  5. Research and development on latest automotive replacement parts in the market.
  6. Product quality control and branding awareness creation to meet customers satisfaction and requirement.
  7. Moving forward to meet ISO business standard and certified.

The organization vision and mission are always easy to say but it is a very long way to be achieve and success. They are a lot of un-predictable and un-expected incident in the process due to many expects such as competitors, economics crisis, wrong decision made & etc. Hence, we must always keep ourselves ready and alert to executive and perform as a team to overcome any issues we will be face along the vision and mission. It also consists of many detail works that we need to take care. We believed that no matter how wide of our future view but as long as we focus and work hard and the day will come true.
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